Best 'In class' Video and Performance analyzer, visualize your VEHICLE and SESSION DATA through our beautifully crafted interface. 

Designed specifically for race and track day professionals, instructors and enthusiasts.  In your pocket tech, available on your iPhone (size does matter) just saying...

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Race proven tech: We've tested TDG rigorously for Track  and Race day events - the 2015 Mazda MX5 Super Cup was epic, watch the video

Super big shout and thanks to ex BTCC Pro racer - Paul O'Neill and the Paul Sheard race team, amazing talent and generosity - pure Genius!
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Our idea of Product design extends to hardware, we're driven by the idea of 'Video logging'  So we said, what's next?

GOrilla Genius is next, the hardware companion to TDG, a 'Zero flex' iPhone clamp  and mounting system (GoPro compatible) machined from aircraft grade  T6061 Aluminum
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Understanding your performance metrics can help you ride faster and safer: you can only improve on what you can measure, Genius!

Genius team: UX & UI designer: kofi,  iOS development from AppLabs: Xiaoyue.  Together we've created something very special for you, it's Genius!
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MADE SIMPLE (and sexy)

No need for complex desktop software, TDG allows you to overlay vehicle telemetry and export to YouTube or Vimeo directly from your phone - It's the one stop solution for track day bragging rights...

1080p Video recording + Session data + Vehicle profiling = Genius. 

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After nearly four years of research, development, design and testing (aka hell), we’re finally satisfied – the brain child of a pixel
obsessed petrol-head, created for fellow petrol-heads, TDG is now ‘Live and available from the Apple App Store 🙂

Designed to a standard, not a price.

Track Day Genius is a more than a data logger App for track day enthusiasts; it’s the missing link between vehicle manufacturers and their loyal fans.
The TDG User and business logic is built on an ‘Open and Scalable’
social framework  called Genius-connect, supported by  smart video and vehicle  logging features. Our singular mission is to design software and hardware to provide memorable on-track experiences through analysis, learning and sharing, irrespective of vehicle brand – diversity as King!

Bragging about your on-track adventures should be visual.  So we’ve made it easy – a video session allows you overlay telemetry and you can publish on YouTube or Vimeo – up to 1080p/60fps
All of this magic is achievable on your iPhone.

Our Leader boards are unique. Publish your best lap time to any of the FREE 500+ pre-loaded tracks and you can filter your ranking in two ways – Overall and Relative. The Relative view is all about inclusion, fun and engagement because it’s peer to peer.

If you like to tweak and know your vehicle intimately, you can record vehicle changes ‘session by session’ and export as a PDF. As an added bonus, TDG will link your best lap time with the correct profile – only if you do the work

Genius partners

Interested in rebranding TDG for your business or you’d like to collaborate? Talk to us >


500+ Pre-loaded tracks

I guess you could say we’ve been super busy, and it makes a good case for legitimate business expenses – travelling around the world to meet our ‘Beta testers’ we’ve recorded over 10 GIG of track data: Vector out-lines for track images + ‘Start/finish’ GPS points + POI’s for sector times, all because we care about your track experience 🙂

Did we mention our track database is completely FREE, yes FREE, to every TDG user, as a bonus each track has its own leader board, it’s been designed to be inclusive and reflect your ranking # against your peers. So when you apply the filters i.e. Ability, Vehicle type, Gender, Age etc your ‘Relative’ position will change against similar matches – let the bragging begin! We’re good (and sometimes clever) people at TDG

We’re committed to building and updating our database – with your help 🙂
To submit new race tracks or configuration updates, email us
Testing miles
Hours of track time
Official TDG tracks
Litres of petrol


Innovation + simplicity

Discover your inner geek with the TDG vehicle profiler. To be honest our vehicle profiler can be considered a stand alone app in it’s own right, it’s that good and feature rich.  So, recording your vehicle settings is now simpler and more intelligent –  TDG will flag your best lap time with the best set-up – ‘session by session’

Whether you’re ‘Ol skool’ and like to use pen and paper, download the Sample PDF* or you’re tech savvy, use the in-app vehicle profiler, we’ve got it covered. Knowing what vehicle set-up worked best for a particular track is always handy to know and equally good to share 🙂

One of many Team G mantras is: You get out what you put in.  So, be detailed and thorough if you want the best from TDG.  The ‘Download PDF’ is a real export PDF from the TDG app, wait until you see UI for the input categories

* 100 sheet blank A4 pads will be available to buy, soonish…


Video Sessions

Because your ‘Bragging rights’ deserves to be visual – the numbers don’t lie.  We have some example video sessions from our Race and Track day events – last round of the Mazda MX5 Super Cup 2015 and RMA track days.  TDG overlays vehicle telemetry and exports directly to YouTube at a max resolution of 1080p –  all from the comfort of your iPhone.  You can choose whether to export the entire session or only the best lap

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Author: Thomas A. Edison

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TESTING: Alpha release : Debugging 🙂 33%

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